ASSIAPS objectives

  1. Assemble at an international level those who are responsible for group purchase and procurement for public and private organisations in the healthcare and social services industry, so as to facilitate the sharing of expertise and knowledge.
  2. Facilitate an exchange of information between professionals from different countries who are specialised in group purchasing and procurement.
  3. Prepare, plan, organise and contribute to symposiums, conventions, seminars and training sessions related to group purchasing and procurement.
  4. Collaborate, participate and facilitate the development of established methods related to group purchasing and procurement, notably by developing software and specialised publications.
  5. Amass funds by different means, notably by creating, administering and employing any activity compatible with its rights, authority and objectives.
  6. Associate with any corporation that is pursuing economic or philanthropic activities related to the corporation’s goals.
  7. Accomplish any other task related to the pursuit of these objectives or to the exercise of these rights
  8. Members will not receive any financial gain from the corporation. Monetary profit or other budgetary surplus will be used to help accomplish the corporation’s objectives.